We have created LOCAL to help support pubs, restaurants, bars and independent drinks merchants through the trading challenges caused by the 2020 Coronavirus crisis.

LOCAL is here to help businesses in your community to take online orders, and to offer food & drinks for Collection or Delivery. Pubs, restaurants, bars, and independent drinks merchants will play a key role in their communities by safely providing food and drink to self-isolating families, fostering community spirit and keeping morale high.

In turn, those self-isolating or on lockdown will support their local businesses through this difficult period. By placing orders with these sites through LOCAL we can help keep merchants and their customers going through this crisis.

A survey by Kantar during the first week of lockdown showed that the #1 thing people are looking forward to when the crisis is over is going out with friends for some food and drink. Together, we can make sure we still have places to go when the time comes.


How can you help?

By becoming part of your LOCAL community, you can support the businesses in the heart of your community who may otherwise be facing permanent closure.

You can help maintain your LOCAL community by encouraging your favourite restaurants to join and by sharing the app with friends and family. LOCAL is about you, LOCAL is about us, LOCAL is about everyone.

We are committed to supporting the safe provision of food and drinks for all, including our vulnerable friends and neighbours. Our operators are committed to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, contactless provision of service, and social distancing.

Together we can help to save our LOCAL communities. Use LOCAL and social distancing might actually bring us closer together.



Why join LOCAL?

You and your customers are now living under new restrictions and you may be adapting your business to offer home delivery or collections, for which we recognise you need a simple way to manage orders.

LOCAL can’t do the delivery for you, but LOCAL can help you manage your orders and allow customers to place orders online, on mobile or by phone, for you to deliver or for them to collect.            

LOCAL also helps you to reach customers in your area who require your services and enables them to support you as one of their local businesses.


What do I need to do?

Click here, fill in a short form and a member of the LOCAL on-boarding team will call you to get you set-up. LOCAL can get you trading on the platform that same day.


Anything else?

You’ll need to set-up a Stripe Connect account. This gets your payments direct to your account. All you need is a bank account and sort code to set one up and it’s very quick.


Who’s behind this and what’s in it for them?

A group of well-known and reputable companies have responded quickly to support the hospitality sector with this service. Bibendum, Matthew Clark, Tennent’s and Walker & Wodehouse in the UK and C&C Gleeson’s in Ireland have teamed up to offer this service to pubs and bars impacted by the coronavirus crisis.


Is this really free?

The above companies have covered the cost of developing LOCAL and all the monthly maintenance costs for every site that joins (site development, onboarding, 24/7 helpline etc). All they are asking for in return is a 2% transaction fee per order. This will help to keep the site free for everyone. That’s it. No hidden extras and no catch.

We invite everyone who runs a pub, bar, restaurant or drinks merchant and who wants to keep trading during the Coronavirus, to join LOCAL and to help keep our communities going.

By the end of May we will speak to every site using LOCAL to review how the app and site are working for you. As we move through the lockdown period and into a brighter future, we can then review the transaction fees you pay, in the context of your business, so that LOCAL remains a fair platform for all, however big or small.


Why would consumer join LOCAL (i.e. download the app)?

By downloading the LOCAL app consumers can support businesses in the heart of their communities who may otherwise be facing closure.

Consumers can help to maintain LOCAL community pubs, restaurants and drinks merchants by promoting the app to friends and family.

LOCAL are committed to supporting the safe provision of food and drinks for all, including our vulnerable friends and neighbours through encouraging the highest standards of hygiene, contactless payment services and ensuring social distancing (minimum 2 metres apart).