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To get your business listed on the LOCAL app, there's a few things we need you to do in order to help our team get your setup as quickly as possible.

1. Register for an account with Stripe - they process all the payments on LOCAL.

2. Add the products or menu items you wish to sell to the Product File Template.

3. Complete the On-Boarding Form at the bottom of this page - there's sections for your stripe account details and the product file. 

Once you've completed the 3 steps, we will begin the on-boarding process and a member of the LOCAL team will contact you.

  • Do you deliver for me? Can you arrange delivery for me?

    LOCAL is an online app/ platform for local consumers to order from local pubs, bars and restaurants. Delivery is organised by the Merchant and not by LOCAL.

  • Are people still allowed to collect from me?

    Governmental advice should be followed regarding social distancing and adhering to making as few trips out of the home as possible. To minimise contact between people (customers, staff, pedestrians), it is recommended pickup services are not to be used and that delivery (using gloves/ facemasks) is utilised instead.

  • What is best practice for my delivery drivers?

    Best practices include the use of disposable gloves, providing drivers with hand sanitiser and encouraging frequent hand washing when possible. The use of facemasks when near customers and others is appropriate. Once at the home of a customer, delivery can be placed on the doorstep and the customer can be telephoned from a distance of 6ft/2 metres away or more. Visual acknowledgement of receipt of food/ text back completes the order.

  • Does the merchant need to accept an order once it is placed with LOCAL, or will all orders push through to the merchant regardless?

    The merchant will need to accept/ decline the order once it receives this after a successfully completed customer order form.

  • Should I have a minimum order value?

    The order value should be dictated by the merchant. LOCAL will not mandate a minimum.

  • Can customers pay with cash or contactless at point of delivery?

    Payment is made through the LOCAL interface (online/app) and is the final step in the customer’s order. Cash and contactless will not be required after this transaction.

  • Are there restrictions on delivery times?

    Delivery times are dictated by the merchant. LOCAL will not restrict delivery times.

Your stripe account will be used for taking card payments online.

There's a few steps to follow when setting up your stripe account:

1. Register Account
2. Activate & Verify
3. Add with admin permissions (settings > team > add user)
4. Paste API keys into the signup form below

Register with Stripe

To help us get your business setup and trading quickly, It's a great help if you can download and complete our Product File Template with the products you wish to sell.

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For more information about the platform or for general support please call 0800 130 3355.

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Register an account with Stripe here -

  1. Register account.
  2. Activate / verify.
  3. Add with admin permissions (settings > team > add user).
  4. Paste API keys below.
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